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  • Creating Community With The Hospitality Committee at The Park Lane

    In our communities, building a sense of connection and acceptance is key to creating a warm and welcoming environment. Community is at the heart of it all, and there is no better way to build that than by making our newest residents feel as welcomed and comfortable as possible. At The Park Lane, one of our communities in Monterey, the Hospitality Committee is hard at work ensuring each new resident has the best possible experience when they join our community.

  • Pacifica Senior Living’s Chef Keoni Shares His Homemade Pizza Recipe

    Mealtimes are a major highlight for residents in our community. Not only does everyone love enjoying a delicious dish, but meals also offer a chance to catch up with loved ones, neighbors, or friends. In our communities we make a point to make mealtimes extra special by celebrating fun food holidays and mixing exciting new dishes in with favorites and classics.

  • Shining a Light on our Pacifica Senior Living Nurses

    Across our communities, our nurses are hard at work ensuring the very best care and wellbeing of our residents. We greatly appreciate all that our nurses do day in and day out to establish comfort, care and support for our residents.

    Nurses can most often be found in Assisted Living and Memory Care communities  as well as Skilled Nursing Facilities that cater to older adults. These nurses offer care services that allow residents as much independence and dignity as possible, while ensuring aid and support are on hand when needed. 

  • Volunteers in our Communities: Celebrating Those Who Serve

    This month is National Volunteer Month, and we are celebrating the amazing volunteers in our own communities. From non profit groups to student volunteers, our communities are honored to have such amazing visitors and helpers around our communities.

    Our volunteers fill a wide variety of roles as well. From spending time with our residents to joining in with activities, crafts, or providing acts of service, having volunteers in our communities is part of the rich atmosphere we foster.

  • Planning for the Future: Advance Directives and Health Care Planning

    National Healthcare Decisions Day is a day that encourages the public to take charge of their own healthcare directives. It is intended to “inspire, educate and empower” while highlighting the importance of advance care planning and advanced directives.

    Making a plan for your future helps you and your loved ones to be on the same page about your health and your wishes. It’s never too early to think about your future.

  • Sandwich Madness Culinary Competition

    Across our communities our amazing chefs and culinary teams are always cooking up something special. We pride ourselves in serving delicious meals for everything from special holiday events to every meal of the day.

    Food is one of the most powerful and natural ways people connect with one another, and we love that meal time is often a highlight for many of our residents. Recently, we had a sandwich competition where we encouraged all chefs to create their favorite sandwich which would then be submitting for judging.